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Videos of Our Machinery


Our New Slab Line 

We recent purchased and are in the process of developing a third facility that is 500,000 sq ft and will be primarily used for food manufacturing. Above you can see a video of our new slab line (for those not in the industry think - food bars). And space we'd love to use to grow and develop with a new business partner. Please reach out to for any inquiries. 

Food Packaging

This machine is located at our Chicago facility and helps automate packaging of chocolates. Take a look at the pictures below to get a better sense of our capabilities or reach out to through the contact us  form below. 


What makes us unique

We are a technology driven company whose people make us unique. We have even won some awards for it including the Frankin Award in 2014 for Excellence, the Green Dog award for green initiatives, and the Nulogy Most Connected Award.  

Assemblers exists to serve. To do this we have six guiding principles:

  1. Consistent, open and honest communication
  2. We take responsibility for our work
  3. We continually collaborate with each other and with our customers
  4. We believe in the inherent power of curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge
  5. Humility
  6. Recognition and giving back

We love what we do. Taking care of our customers needs fuels our fire. The passion to meet and exceed the demands of the fast changing market place is what it is all about. We live by the maxim, “actions speak louder than words” let us show you what that really means. 



Our services

Our core services include primary and secondary snack food manufacturing, including energy bars and popcorn manufacturing, liquid filling, and all other types of primary and secondary food packaging (club packs, blister packs, pallet display pack-outs etc.).  


  • Organic Certified
  • Kosher
  • FDA 
  • SQF Level 2
  • IOPP
  • FSMA
  • Alcohol Handling

Packaging Automation


  • Rigid Container Filling, Liquid Filling, and Pouch Filling 

  • Horizontal Form fill and seal (food grade)

  • Case erectors 4 high speed lines

  • Vacuum packaging, shrink wrapping, and tray sealing 

  • Clam shell and bundle wrapping

Our Facilities Details

  • 65,000 Sq Ft. climate controlled packing room
  • 800,000 Sq Ft of production and warehousing space
  • 24 Hr Security video monitoring
  • Inventory control
  • Online access to inventory
  • 70 loading docks
  • Large yard for trailer storage and spotting equipment
  • High Security Cages
  • 10 Specialized Food Manufacturing rooms
  • EDI
  • Production tracking 

Our Specializations 

  • Food co-packing and secondary manufacturer in Chicago
  • Snack Food packaging
  • POP Displays


Our History

The world was not made in 7 days nor was Assemblers but, we’ve been around since 1974.  We are a family owned business that start as a corrugated finishing house. From there we progressed into finishing work for Point of Purchase displays.  We began loading those displays with product and finally we began making the products! 


Our contact information

Our Bedford Park Facility

5139 W. 73rd Street

Bedford Park, IL 60638

Toll Free: (888) 378-3700

Local: (773) 378-3000

For Delivery Appointments Please Email:


Our Main Facility: 

2850 W Columbus Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Toll Free: (888) 378-3700

Local: (773) 378-3000

For Delivery Appointments Please Email:




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